Who Owns The Data?

You do. Think of us as a "data bank".
You own the data, but we keep it safe for you, and enable you to access to it from anywhere in the world...

Ok, What About The Application?

We retain the application and we lease the rights for you to access it.

So Where Does That Leave Me?

If for whatever reason you leave us, we will provide you with a SQL file that contains all your data. From this file it is possible to "reconstitute" the data. This is typically possible with Microsoft SQL/Access or Microsoft Excel, the former will give you the most accurate representation. If you have access to a MSSQL Server (2008R2), the file can be used there to access all of your data.

Is My Data Secure?

Yes. The data is stored on a Windows Server in a MSSQL database. These servers are trusted by enterprise level businesses around the world for this very reason. As yet we have not been compromised, and we plan on keeping it that way.

Is The Data and Application Backed-Up?

Yes. The databases are backed up on the server every 24 hours.
The application is also backed up, virtually hourly.

Every database changing transaction also writes a separate log file (at the time of the transaction) which can be used to reconstitute transactions in the order that they were created. Log files are kept for the preceding 3 days.

Do You Share My Data With Anyone Else?

No! Your business data is yours, and is kept separate from other Your Web Solutions ("YWS") clients.
We treat all of our dealings with you as "business in confidence".
Your data is stored in a completely separate database, with a different (unique) database username and password (known only to YWS and its staff).
YWS does not share your business data with any third parties.

Our reputation depends on this this...

Naturally, we will need to comply with any governmental regulatory bodies. In the unlikely event that we receive a request for information, we will consult with you before acting.

Will You Sign My ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’ (“NDA”)?

Of course. If you feel the need to add to our policies for your own peace of mind, YWS will sign your company NDA subject to review by our legal boffin.
We have not refused one yet…

What Is The Minimum Term Of The Contract?

There is no contract. No minimum term. No exceptions. If we are not the right fit for you, there is no point in forcing the matter. We feel transparency in business dealings is the best policy.

Who Does The Customising?

We do, in-house, at your request. So you are talking to the programmers, not a sales person who cannot translate your wishes.
As most of what gets changed is at a database or programming level we take care of all the nitty gritty for you and you reap the benefits

What Does A Report Consist Of?

Anything you store in the database can be reported on.
As an example, it "ships" with a Telemarketer Performance Reports. This report gathers all the calls the telemarketer made and compares it with conversions to output a conversion ratio of each telemarketer giving you an idea of how effective they are. You can comfortably use this to ascertain who needs training and maybe even who needs a pay rise!
Naturally, we also have Consultant and Client Reports

What Is A Customised Report And How Long Does It Take For It To Be Created?

You may have a key performance indicator that we have not yet programmed reports for. These then become 'Customised Reports'.
Once you request a new customised report it will typically take between 1-2 business days depending on complexity.

Are There Levels Of Staff Login?

Yes, we have both different categories and hierarchical logins (permissions) for staff available.
We have several options available in the standard program, but are happy to cater to scenarios that exist in your business.

How Many Client Logins Do I Get With The Client Login Add-on?

If you choose to allow Client Logins, then as many as you have clients.

What Can The Clients See?

If you choose to enable this, the client can only see some of the information that pertains to that client and that client only.

Is The Program "Badge Engineered" for my company?

Yes. Your logo will appear at the login screen and also in the email footers.

What Sort of Client History Is Maintained?

We keep Client history for all reminders, emails (when sent via the program), appointments, notes, SMS's and documents (when uploaded).

What is the difference between an “off the shelf” CRM and your custom solutions?

We cater for unique data fields, business logic and processes that are unique to your business.
We fit the program to your business, not have you try to fit your business to a generic program.

What is this “business logic” you speak of?

We use the term “business logic” to mean the "application" makes standard decisions based on your business rules, when a business "event" occurs.

For example: if the "event" was an appointment outcome, the rule may be to 'set a reminder' if the appointment was cancelled, or 'create a second' appointment if the first appointment was successful.
There are hundreds of such rules already programmed.

What if I fall behind with my payments?

Call us, we are human too! We should be able to sort something out.
In extreme cases, logins will be suspended until the issue is resolved.

Rest assured, under no circumstances do we delete your data, so when you are able to log in again, the data will be as you last left it.

I have a question not covered in these FAQs?

Please ask us here...